Thursday, January 05, 2012

Moleskine Diary, and Me and Meg Portrait

I love Moleskine notebooks, particularly the cahier designs. And my favourite colour at the moment is around the yellow and orange end of the spectrum. 
So I was pleased when my new diary arrived today. It has a week per page as well as useful information at the front, but most useful to me will be the time zones page and the page that has a ruler with inches and centimetres :)

Moleskine notebooks are/were favoured by artists (according to Moleskine) including Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemingway and Chatwin. I love the range they do, for example notebooks with musical scores in, sketch books, story board notebooks, watercolour books, Japanese concertina books, specified city notebooks, as well as their range of sizes and colours. And they are incredibly, aesthetically satisfying to use. They are beautiful. 
This is me attempting a self portrait of me and Meg. I set the timer on my camera, and then ran to pick her up. She struggled of course. (Please ignore my hair, which seriously needs washing!)
And in this attempt she had been sitting facing towards the camera, but when I slid into shot to join her she simply walked away.

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thismummaslife said...

Blank notebooks are always so full of potential, and that is a good feelng.