Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Big News

Is that there is no news, it being January an'all. So to entertain myself I have finished the first of my new mittens (sans thumb).
I like how it's turned out and think these colours may be a keeper! Phew. I've just started the second mitten so I should be finished them in about a fortnight, thumbs included. The matching hat will take an afternoon, but the matching scarf could take about three weeks. I'm thinking of knitting the Norwegian star design on my mittens into my scarf but will probably also need to do some rows of pure yellow to use up wool and get a long enough scarf. Still playing around with the design.
Hagos has been making soup every other day. It's totally amazing and so delicious. He uses either a lentil or a split pea base and then adds stock and vegetables. It's very healthy.
This has become my favourite spot in the house, round about 5pm. I either sit and read for an hour, or knit a few rows in silence. It's all too easy to put on the TV or radio and actually it's lovely to just sit with the sound of the fire beside me. I'm re-reading the Harry Potter books (alongside adult books too) and I usually read HP at 5pm and when I go to bed. My brain doesn't want to deal with any complicated or clever plot-lines at 11pm.
And, the snowdrops are out! Such a relief to see them poking through the earth along with other, later flowers. I really love snowdrops.
The only other news is that our Tuesday night pub quiz is doing fairly well (should be, considering we had nine members last night!). It's been great to re-instate our London pub quiz tradition, and to have three of the original members in our new team is great. 


Lori ann said...

hello! welcome to yarn along!
i love your mittens, the colors compliment each other so well, beautiful work!

i love making (and eating)soup, i almost always have a pot on, but not a husband who can make it! lucky you!

the snow drops are so pretty!

Swanski said...

Great colors paired together in the mittens! They will come in handy when the snow hits :)