Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Jumper and Thinking Ahead

I am so close to finishing my long-sleeved TV jumper. Only one more sleeve to knit! Even though it's 4-ply it hasn't taken me long at all. If I hadn't had all the other projects that I made in the meantime it would've been finished months ago. 

I'm already thinking about the next long-sleeved TV jumper (black with red stripes; or red with midnight blue stripes?) and also about my winter accessories for this year: hat, mittens and scarf. I make myself new winter accessories every two years. They always match my winter coat. And this year I have two new winter coats, both from Boden.
I bought the above coat (which is a deeper colour than in the photo - more like a redwood) a couple of years ago at a Boden sale in Norwich. And I bought the coat below in last winter's Boden online sale. I never buy Boden full price - it's just too expensive, but their sales are good.
So, I've decided to have the main colour of my winter accessories as orange/spicy ginger, and the contrast colour a violet purple. That way they'll match both coats (I don't want to knit two sets of hats, scarves and mittens!) and the colours themselves will be very warming and cheerful.

That's a LOT of knitting to come!

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affectioknit said...

The sweater looks awesome!