Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finishing an Unfinished Project

I finally finished my tweed skirt last night. I used Amy Butler's A-line skirt pattern, but actually had to adjust it a fair bit as the material was too heavy to sit in such a flared shape. I shaved quite a bit off the sides! particularly the bottom. Anyway, I'm pleased with it now and I think it'll look lovely with coordinating jumper and tights.

I've been feeling irritated by the amount of unfinished projects I have hanging around. I wasn't quite in the mood for sewing last night but I was determined to clear them all until I am only working on one thing.

My current unfinished projects are:
  • Kaffe Fassett daisy green skirt (lining to cut out and attach)
  • Ikea Sew Easy dress pattern (material cut out, just needs to be sewn together)
  • Amy Butler Chelsea Handbag (new pattern, all to be done)
  • Sarah Dallas long-sleeved TV jumper (one sleeve to knit, then to be sewn together)
  • Red and White Norwegian mittens (2nd mitten and two thumbs to be knitted)
  • Green and purple jumper from Rowan magazine (barely begun, no enthusiasm to finish)
  • Red and purple loop jumper from Rowan magazine (front only to be finished, then sewn together)
  • Yellow bed socks with red beads (one knitted, one to knit!)
So you see, there is a LOT to be done. These have all been started and left over the course of 3-4 years! And as I'm on a money-saving mission what better reason to work on what I have instead of buying new wool or material?

The only new thing I shall buy is wool to make my new winter accessories. My work colleagues gave me a John Lewis voucher for my birthday so I'll use that to buy most of the wool needed. I can't wait to finish everything I've started

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