Sunday, June 08, 2014


I love stationery, and recently went to the local bookshop near my work to ogle the Moleskine notebooks there. And I saw these. Two plain, two ruled. A four pack.

I also love book cover design - or, I like book cover designs that have integrity to the work. I hate montage book covers. As if someone who can't be bothered thinking has got a splatter gun of images and vomited over the book. 

I love the simplicity and vibrancy and consistency of the Penguin book covers, as above. 

I like when a book is seen as a work of art in itself. I also hate when there are quotes on the front of a book, or when the writer's name is in a larger font than the title of the book. Or when the writer's previous book is mentioned! I have very clear ideas of what does and what doesn't constitute a good book cover. I also dislike when the book cover is changed from the hard back to the paperback (unless the change also has integrity to the work). 

Maybe I should do a whole post on book cover designs? I studied it and found it fascinating when I did my first degree in London. 

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