Sunday, June 29, 2014

A finished jumper!

I finally finished my Rowan Tweed jumper. The above photo doesn't capture the colour. It's much more of a lush, deep green. It didn't take long to sew the final sides and arms. I didn't try to do it with any kind of delicacy - it was more like sewing fabric together - there is a seam! I'm really pleased with it. And glad it's finished.
I'm in an intense period of work at the moment. Colleagues on holiday, a new colleague just started and staff movement. My brain was so tired by the time I left on Friday, and I have another two weeks of the same! So, apart from yesterday where we went out to McDonalds for my Godson's birthday, we have been hunkering down and not doing much. I actually got a fair bit of housework done this morning, without it feeling stressful, but the rest of the weekend has been spent on the couch, under a blanket, sewing together my jumper, watching old episodes of Strictly Come Dancing (a great series from 2011!), reading Famous Five and Donna Tartt, and also re-watching The Sopranos. It's felt so good.
I could do with another few days the same. Looking forward to my 2 weeks' holiday in August.

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