Friday, May 16, 2014


I have had flu for 3 days. On Tuesday night my body had just had enough and refused to put up with its mistreatment any longer. A cumulative effect of various stresses in quick succession. 

There is an amazing luxurious feeling of submission once I succumb to illness and drop out of commitments. My life mostly revolves around forward planning and setting everything up so all is in the right place at the right time. At work and home. I felt so ill on Tuesday night I really felt I could get seriously ill. So I STOPPED. And I have rested and recovered for the past three days. Part of the recovery has included (whilst sleeping/resting) dreaming of sewing projects I plan make once I'm well again. I also looked through baking books and dreamed of cakes I could make. But mostly I've been resting.
This afternoon I felt well enough to get up for an hour to finish off these toiletries bags. I had already cut them out and sewn the individual parts, so all it required was sewing the outer to the lining and threading the cord through. I LOVE this cat fabric. I'm looking forward to making a skirt out of it next.
And I've been meaning to make this for a friend for ages. 
It gave me a feeling of having achieved something, which was good.
I'm also looking forward to making the Coco pattern above. The material is washed and waiting to be cut. I might have a big cutting session over the weekend, if I feel up to it.
Lemsip and tissues with balm have been providing me with some relief.
And for the next week I'm babysitting THE INCUBATOR! I think it's the third time my neighbours have incubated eggs. The last incubation produced the Squeaky Cheese gang. An amazing bunch of great chicks (I still think of them as chicks, though they're about ten months old now, laying eggs, and as big as the other chickens).
I also bought Tilly's first book. I like her style. I'm looking forward to making the Megan dress.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. It's so lovely to have Hagos home though. Much better being ill with a good friend nearby. Being ill when I'm home alone is miserable. 

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