Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mostly about Turkey-related things

Hagos and I decided to watch Pulp Fiction last night - a film we haven't seen for years. I really enjoyed it. We haven't watched a film properly for ages, having been plugged into series (Game of Thrones, Lilyhammer, most recently). We've been through phases of Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Woody Allen and the Coen Brothers.

I cast on the above sock in preparation for the evening's viewing, and this was how far I had knitted by the end of the film - up to the beginning of the toe. 

The sock is for my neighbour's new baby, Bear. We met him for the first time yesterday. I haven't felt like knitting for ages, but this sock pattern is so satisfying because it's so quick and apart from breaking the yarn after turning the heel, it's knitted continuously in the round. I LOVE the colour and am thinking of knitting myself a whole jumper in it. 
Turkey is laying eggs again, and is much happier for it. She loves being cuddled and stroked and will sit down gracefully as soon as she sees a human and purrs and pants when she gets touched. I do love Turkey.
THE first Turkey egg of the year. Gorgeous.
And I couldn't resist ordering the turkey egg fabric online. Looking forward to making it into an A-line skirt.

I've also been thinking, and even dreaming, about making a patchwork quilt. I like the idea of sewing together rectangles of fabric from the many different projects I've made, and finally sewing it all together into a quilt. I've never made a quilt before, and am not sure how the actual quilting works. I have so much leftover fabric and it would be great to have a quilt made up of material from different projects.

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