Friday, April 18, 2014

Excited about Andover Fabrics

It's been years since I've been excited about a fabric range but during a recent scouting mission to John Lewis haberdashery several fabrics caught my eye and I discovered they all belonged to Andover Fabrics. I bought the cat fabric to make myself a new toiletries bag, but I've already decided I want to buy more to make myself a skirt.
I also want to make myself a skirt out of this egg fabric. The eggs remind me of Turkey's eggs.
I like this too, but there are other prints I want to buy to make more skirts. More cat prints.
This was my washing line last week with all the current fabrics I have to make skirts out of. It was good to get them all washed. Now I just have to sort out all my patterns then I'll be ready to cut and then SEW!.

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