Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday afternoon distractions

In need of something practical and absorbing to keep my mind occupied, I thought I'd document all of my outstanding knitting projects at various levels of completion.

Above is the 4-ply jumper/vest from Vintage knits. Alpaca wool, which is so soft, from South America. I just need to sew it together and knit the neck band. 
Exact same thing in blue (also alpaca). I'm only on the first side. One whole side and two capped sleeves still to knit.
This jumper has been years in the making. I just have to knit a small V shape to insert in the V-shaped front, then sew it together and knit a couple of rows of neckband, et voila! I ran out of the green contrast wool towards the top of the second sleeve and had to use another green 4-ply wool I had. The colour is in the vicinity of the original! And the last ball of purple wool I used was defective, so every few yards it was frayed so I had to keep breaking it and adding it in at the side. And I've almost run out of that too. I may have to sew it together using a different wool. Rowan has discontinued the wool now, of course so I can't even buy additional balls.
The Scottish/Danish reindeer sock. I love it. Just need to concentrate to do the second reindeer (and not carry the white wool round the back, thus tightening the ankle pard, making it difficult to get on!).
And the not-yet-started chunky jumper. I made one for my friend Lynsey for her christmas. She's scared to wash knitted items I give her, so I should maybe go round to see if she wants me to do it for her. `This is a quick, exhilarating knit so once I get started it won't take too long. Relatively speaking.

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