Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday morning

My early morning view from the kitchen table :)
And then a trip down to Morningside/Bruntsfield, ostensibly to do some banking, but really so I could go to the new Costa on the corner and have a skinny mocha and read The Review. Costa loves me.

I like this area of Edinburgh a lot. There are a couple of coffee shops I like. Also The Edinburgh Bookshop, which has a well-chosen display of books, and a good card/gift shop, where I went to buy three wedding cards.

And then I got a text from my sister to say she'd been in a car accident last night. She, her husband and their little dog (poor Spike) are all okay but the car is a write off. So that was a shock.

Today I am in that no mans land of feeling tired but not tired enough to sleep but too tired to do anything productive. I lay down with Meg for an hour and that was nice and have woken up feeling a bit fresher. I really wanted to sew this weekend but moving the kitchen table away from the wall and setting up my sewing machine and figuring out where I am in the pattern seems like a lot of hassle. Maybe I'll go outside first to see if fresh air helps. A cycle ride even! I'm off! 

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