Sunday, March 17, 2013

Knitting list of unfinished items

My knitting list of unfinished items is very long! So I decided to write a list of them today (and also sewing projects) and work my way through them methodically. One by one.
First on the list to be completed is Bramble's socks. The socks are for age 3-6 months, and if I don't get a move on she'll be celebrating her 18th birthday before I know it.

The pink alpaca wool is so soft and just lovely to work with. I'm hoping to get all socks finished by the end of March.
I was going great guns on the first pair of Bramble socks until I ran out of the yellow tweed! I only have three small rows to do. Luckily John Lewis has an endless supply of wool so I bought some more.
This is the list. Some items like the white jumper and green and purple jumper just need to be sewn together and they'll be finished. They're all knitted-up. Likewise the yellow slippers (they'll be good for summer). But the Ribbon Twist jumper hasn't even been started. I'm halfway up the front of the blue jumper, and I've knitted one reindeer sock. I'm so easily seduced by wool and new projects, which is why I have so many at varying degrees of completion.
And talking of wool seduction - I forbade myself from buying any more wool until I've finished every item on the list, however I couldn't resist this gorgeous pink tweed when I was buying the yellow. 

And as summer approaches my mind has started thinking I'd like to make some new skirts. So, the list - finish one item at a time.

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Chrissy in Chaos said...

I don't dare to write a list of the jobs to do!! Would be endless!