Monday, September 03, 2012

Margarita Friday, and Plum/Greengage and Apple Jam

THIS! is how Friday evening began, with pre-mixed Margarita from Sainsburys. It was SO good and just exactly what I wanted.
On Sunday we went to visit Hagos's mum, Bette. I got up early in the morning and made my annual Plum and Apple Jam, and I also made Greengage and Apple Jam. The Plum and Apple Jam turned out very well. I've still to test the Greengage and Apple Jam but I have a slight suspicion it 'went over' before I potted it, meaning it will be glue-like rather than jam-like in consistency. We'll see. I hope it's okay. 
I got five jars of each. I mainly make it for my friend, Lynsey, for her birthday as she likes it so much.
And this morning I found my first Scottish-grown tomatoes, which had fallen from their plants. Only two, and it doesn't look like we'll get many more. I have surprising courgettes coming through though.

September is looking like a very busy month for us between home and work life. I'm looking forward to settling into Autumn in October and closing the door early and cosying up beside the fire to watch Strictly Come Dancing (which begins in two weeks' time), Lilyhammer (a Norwegian/American collaboration starring Steve Van Zandt - Silvio from The Sopranos, which starts on BBC4 on 11th Sept), the third series of The Killing (gotta love those jumpers) and the second series of Borgen, and The Great British Bake Off continues too. I do like Autumn TV.


bobbi said...

oh hello. I scrolled down and saw your beautiful cat. What a face! I love when cats keep their eyes half closed.
I usually make a lot of jam too, but not this year. Or not yet, at least.
I'm asummer loving girl and the only thing I love about autumn,besides its colors, is the return of my favorite shows. Have a great day!

Paula said...

Thanks Bobbi - I think she's beautiful too. I take LOTS of photos of her, and she's such a darling, good friend. Lovely to see your little cat too! P x