Friday, September 14, 2012

Vegetables and Socks

Our potatoes and (I think) onions have done well this year. But our garlic, courgettes, tomatoes, beans (non-existent!) and strawberries haven't! The courgette above is our first, and in addition to those three tomatoes we got another two earlier, as well as three strawberries!
I'm planning to dig up the rest of the onions, garlic and the last of the potatoes tomorrow.
I bought the gorgeous wool above from the K1 knitting shop near my work today. That shop really is too close. When I have a tough day at work I go there to cheer myself up; and when I have a good day at work I go there too! I particularly like the alpaca (the pink wool) 4 ply. I've knitted the yellow socks below with it, and my white vest (unfinished). I've been strangely drawn to pink recently. Not garish, bright pink, but antique/dusty pink. I almost bought some pink Tweed 4 ply from John Lewis yesterday (also rather close to where I work) but couldn't decide what other colour to put it with. I'm really enjoying knitting socks right now (they're good for when Meg is on my lap).
My finished winter socks :)
And my almost finished pair of socks made from leftover wool.

And tomorrow it's SATURDAY! My favourite day :)

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