Monday, June 04, 2012


These are the first two eggs we've got from our hens. They have been producing in the last week and a half but our neighbours have been on rota. Hagos and I were delighted when we lifted the lid today and found TWO whole, tiny eggs. Their perfection is awe-inspiring. 

I'm also hopeful (fingers crossed) that Arrow is back to normal after being under the weather for the past week. She'd been keeping herself separate, looking forlorn and depressed, but today she is running about with the others, eating, drinking, and looking back to her old self. It's been horrible to watch her being unhappy. So we hope she'll be healthy and happy from now on.

I've had a perfect morning at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, cuddling Meg, surfing the internet. I think I could live at the kitchen table quite happily.

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