Thursday, June 14, 2012

JJ and his Godcat

My Godson, JJ, wanted me to take a photo of him with Meg yesterday. He's always been interested in Meg and keen to be her friend. Meg, of course, is rather like a child herself in that, the world revolves around her needs and wants, and if something isn't directly for her benefit she isn't interested.
JJ hoped that a blade of grass would be enough to entice her to sit with him. Meg thought of climbing the tree.
She's always been fairly tolerant towards children, though she finds loud voices and noises unbearable and mostly takes herself off somewhere quieter.
She isn't sure whether the blade of grass is being offered as something to eat, or something to chase.
This was the closest JJ got to her.
I knew when I took this photo it was the best we could hope for. I like the composition. When we walked back into the house JJ said that Meg is his Godcat, because I'm his Godmother and so Meg is his Godcat and we're all in the same family. 

Otherwise life has been busy lately. Hagos is about to go away on tour for a couple of weeks so it's been lots of washing, drying, packing and generally preparing for that, in amongst socialising and me working too. I took Wednesday off this week and I was so tired. I got up early as usual, then went back to bed taking Meg with me and slept in until 10.30am. One of my favourite things is for me, Hagos and Meg to be sleeping in/on the bed all together. It's so relaxing! I'm looking forward to finishing work tomorrow night, and having a lie in on Saturday and Sunday morning.


ChrissyM said...

The fun and games of touring husbands! Mr G has been out virtually constantly since April - We have this weekend off! Super exciting!

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