Saturday, October 02, 2010

Knitting and Reading

So, I unravelled the dreadful orange and purple mittens, bought myself some Rowan pure wool 4-ply green wool, and started knitting these green and purple mittens instead! And I am so much happier with them. I know they're right.

I was interested to read Livvey's blog entry called The Brain Drain recently, because that is exactly what my head has been feeling like too. Except my headings are: Work; Housework; Hagos's Schedule; Accounts; Writing; Maintaining Weight; and a few other headings I don't quite want to reveal. But BUSY. And out of kilter time-wise. 

I'm sure at some point next year it will all fall into place in terms of priority but right now writing takes a back seat to pretty much everything else. And focusing enough to write is something I'm finding difficult at the moment. And peace of mind. 

I need a less busy brain.

But reading is something I'm doing a lot of, and really enjoying. I'm glad I have enough concentration for that.

At bedtime I'm reading The Emergence of Memory: Conversations with WG Sebald; and during the day I have just finished the Millennium trilogy, and will either begin Regeneration by Pat Barker; Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson; or Room by Emma Donoghue. I'm thinking probably Regeneration.    


Susan said...

I need a less busy brain, too ;-)

Your mittens are turning out really lovely. I like the new and improved color combination of green and purple.

Lately, I've had my nose in a book almost constantly, too. Reading and knitting are the finest antidotes to stess and business, aren't they?

How did your afternoon tea with your friend Janie turn out?

Polly said...

Hi Susan, Afternoon tea went fairly well, though I was busy beforehand so didn't quite do as much razzle dazzle as I had wanted to. I did make the caramelized root vegetable soup, which was delicious, and also made chocolate pistachio fudge, which went down well. I was planning to make fettuccine arrabiata for dinner but Janie and Ba were on a special eating plan which meant they had to have porridge! I would've liked to have made easy table mats and napkins for the afternoon tea, but something had to give! x