Sunday, September 19, 2010

Planning Ahead

My friend Janie told me about another friend inviting her to lunch recently and how this friend, Ginny, was such a great hostess and produced a lovely afternoon tea, with home made scones. I instantly rose to my own challenge (I have such a competitive streak!) to produce an even better afternoon tea when Janie comes to visit me on Tuesday. 

So now, as Tuesday draws nearer and suddenly my schedule is really busy, I'm having to decide what to actually make. I got the Covent Garden Soup Co recipe book out of the library on Saturday and settled on the above recipe.

I'm also planning to do home-made bread, and various other additions (tomatoes, homous and such). And for dessert I think I'll make Nigella's chocolate pistachio fudge. 
Our Shake 'n' Bake at work is still going really well. We're on our third round and I think there are about 12 of us doing it. I'm really pleased that everyone is so enthusiastic and I also love the range of things that people make. On Friday Gavin made strawberry pavlova; the week before Sheila made raspberry muffins and rhubarb and ginger tarts.

So, with that in mind, and having just drawn up a new rota, I got a few chocolate recipe books out of the library as well. And I think I've decided to make chocolate pistachio macaroons and chocolate and mint biscuits (above). I've never made macaroons, though I am a great meringue-maker, and I really like the idea of sandwiching the biscuits together with peppermint icing sugar and then dipping them in chocolate! My Shake 'n' Bake turn is in the first week of October. I'll let you know how I get on. 


Susan said...

Mmmmm, the afternoon tea you are planning sounds delicious. Your friend Janie is very lucky!

Pleae do let us know how the pistachio macaroons turn out after your Shake and Bake turn. They sound really yummy.

Chrissy in Chaos said...

I own that book - I LOVE it! The mediterean tomato soup is super yummy as is the cauliflower cheese soup and the watercress and new potato!!!

I want to try the beans and sausage soup but I'm not sure how the kids would like it...

Can I come to tea too??

Livvey K said...

That sounds like a fantastic spread! Scrumptious fare is just the thing to stave off the bad weather blues. I look forward to a macaroon update!