Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bramble Jam!

Here it is!!! My Bramble Jam. It's only taken me ten years of intending to make it to actually get round to making it.

I eventually found a really simple recipe online. Basically equal weights of brambles to sugar, with a bit of water thrown in. It only took about 20 minutes from start to finish.
I just tasted some on a piece of toast and it was definitely the best jam I've ever tasted.

I'm tempted to skirt the country lanes over the next few days to get some more brambles to make more jam. But realistically I don't actually need any more jam, I just like making it and having it.

I am very impressed by how well it set. I used sugar pectin and that obviously helped. Very happy with my jam :)

Hagos says we should call it Bramble and Maggot Jam, but only three maggots appeared when I thoroughly washed the blackberries, then put lights on them to try to drive the maggots out :)

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Jen said...

Homemade jam is incredible! We got lots of maggots when we made sloe gin last year - DISGUSTING! I might have to follow your example and raid the bushes near us.