Sunday, July 06, 2008

Crochet, Cats, Friends and Books

I'm bored with my blog. Maybe I'm bored with myself. Above are the granny squares I've been crocheting. I'll do the same amount again then make them into a cushion cover.

Bev came over last night and we had a nice dinner then did some crocheting (I'm sure she's finally got the hang of it now. I told her last night was the last time the crochet consultancy was open for business.)
I bought the Daily Mail yesterday as I read on Jane Brockett's website that there was a feature in it on her new book, Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer, which I'm really looking forward to reading as I love children's literature and was a huge Enid Blyton fan when I was a kid and particularly liked the descriptions of them all going to coffee shops and having macaroons and buns etc (maybe that's why I love cafes so much now!). Anyway, while hunting for this article I came across another feature on a writer who used to teach me when I did my first degree at Middlesex University. I was reading while driving (well, when I stopped at traffic lights) and was really upset to read that her husband had died three years ago. I've often thought I should get in touch with her again but felt I should wait until I had a published book to show her! She was the most generous and kind woman and teacher and had actually given me the use of her house to write in when she and her family went on holiday when I was in my final year at university and was trying to finish a piece of writing.
Meg has been such a good friend and companion to me recently. When Hagos is away she spends part of the night lying beside me (sometimes she's too lively and jumps around the room and I reluctantly have to shut the bedroom door with her on the outside). She's so sweet and soft and entertaining.

I'm really missing Hagos today. He's off to Croatia for a gig, then has a rehearsal in London on Tuesday so I'll see him late Tuesday night. I wish we were both going on holiday to a little cottage in Scotland for a week together and could walk and read and see friends.

I finished To Kill a Mockingbird last night and it was a totally amazing book. No wonder it won the Pulitzer Prize. Atticus is my new hero.

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Kitschen Pink said...

Don't be bored with you blogging. Loved the post about Bev's amazing blanket - I have lots of blankets, rugs, curtains, and general household projects all in a similar style! Thanks for the laugh. At least you make people laugh even when you're bored. How clever is that?! x