Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Do you like my blanket?"

said Bev, as she rummaged in her bag before pulling out this!
We were both soon in hysterics because this one tiny square is the result of weeks of crochet advice and telephone consultations. And she was rightly very proud of her one round of crochet. I then did the next round for her and talked her through the pattern, and she did the third round herself, stabbing the crochet hook through the holes and going on about how relaxing crochet was. I told her she looked like she was wrestling a crocodile to the ground. The outcome, however, was this magnificent square:
She's an actress so she finds it easy to pull the right faces. I then quickly ran to John Lewis for a peek and was over-excited to see they had a sale on! I didn't have much time before I had to get my bus home so, inspired by Bev, I bought four balls of wool and a crochet hook with the intention of doing some crochet myself.
I got the wool and hook for £8 and the magazine for free so I was very happy as I looked at my shopping bag on the way home on the bus.

Hagos is currently stuck in Warsaw waiting for a flight home, before heading to Glastonbury for his gig tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing him on Monday.

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