Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cats for Happiness

I was hoping to get a closer shot of the horses on my walk but they were determined to graze at the far end of the field.

I'm feeling very down today, for various reasons I won't go into. Part of it is a feeling of hopelessness at being stuck in Norfolk. And feeling I haven't achieved enough since I've been here. I know these feelings will pass and I'll get a plan together and feel positive again. And I know it doesn't help to dwell on failures. Most of the time I'm happy and grateful for the good things in my life.

Meg has just made me laugh. She's sleeping on my desk as I write this. Earlier I was watching the Borg vs McEnroe 1980 Men's Singles Wimbledon Final for something I'm working on, and the DVD cover is also on my desk. Meg lay down and the DVD cover was in her way, so, looking very uncomfortable, she put her paw on the DVD case and then rested her head on her paw. After a few minutes she moved, and I thought it was because the DVD case was in her way, so I helpfully shifted it for her, but she kept her paw on the case and flexed her claws, as if she was trying to hold onto it. Anyway, she just made me laugh because she's so contrary. And happily beautiful.
Sorry for the down post.

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