Thursday, August 16, 2007


I need some lighthearted distraction today because it's been a difficult couple of days, so here it is: my Simplicity top.

I finished it last Sunday. And I really like it. It took me four hours to sew it together - much longer than I expected. I think it took so long because I followed the instructions properly as it was my first time; whereas, now I know what needs attention and what can be bodged it should hopefully not take so long next time. Only problem is, it's a wee bit tight. Not much but it'll look better when I lose a few lbs. The pattern can also be made into a dress and I'm thinking about making another couple of tops, and then using this material to make the dress version:

It's Amy Butler's Star Paisley Lime. I love it. I love EVERYTHING Amy Butler. She has a range of handbag patterns and I'm thinking of buying a couple because they're so stylish.

I'm planning to take it very easy the rest of the day. Will finish Keigan's second bootee and sew everything up. It's just me and Meg at home until Sunday as Hagos has gone to Europe for the weekend. So we'll probably watch a chick flick.

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