Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sister time

This is my sister, Jacqueline, and her husband, Robin. They came to visit me last week (from Scotland) while my husband is working in America for two months.

We went out for the evening to Wagamama's in Norwich where I had my usual vegetarian hot sauce noodles.

Jacqueline did a lot of shopping while she was here and kindly left me a box of presents when she returned home.

I had hoped to go skating too but with all the shopping and board game playing we didn't manage to fit it in.

We played Risk and Yahtzee and drank Port, but didn't quite manage to get on to Pictionary this time.

Jacqueline is a demon Monopoly player and used to make me play Monopoly with her every day in the school holidays and, being 7 years younger, she won every time. She's still very competitive.

This is the ice rink in Norwich, which is very festive and is erected every year at Christmas outside the library.

My work colleagues and I have decided for our Christmas work outing this year to go skating first, then head into Pizza Express for food. We just didn't feel like another turkey dinner!

We have to do it on 21st December though as almost every other date was crossed out with previous engagements.

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