Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cats At Home

I don't have any knitting to upload (though I have two jumpers that won't take long to finish) but I wanted to post, and my cat friend Meg is figuring large in my life at the minute as I'm in the process of fitting a cat flap for her.

I will DEFINITELY fit the cat flap at the weekend. I didn't realise how complex fitting a cat flap was (though I'm sure when I actually get down to it it will take about five minutes!).

First of all I bought a magnetic cat flap, as we have two Norfolk terriers living next door, and my neighbour reckons the smaller dog can fit through cat flaps. However, when I got the magnetic cat flap home I realised it has a deep tunnel attached that is integral to the magnetic mechanism.

The door panel is only half an inch thick so it would've stuck out quite far on the outside. So I got a refund, did some research and eventually bought an infra red cat flap.

I've got everything prepared (drawn the template on the door, fitted the correct drill size to the drill, borrowed a Jigsaw, etc) so I'm hoping it will only take a few minutes once I start cutting. I'm concerned about the infra red key being quite big for a 3/4 size ginger cat but hopefully she'll figure it out and realise it's to her benefit.

This is Pudding Pie Alley. When we first moved to Norfolk we were told to park in the market square, go down Pudding Pie Alley and turn left.

There was a notice in our neighbours' window, which read, "All is well, and all shall be well".

The village where we live (or town, as the locals insist on calling it) is a totally lovely place. The disused station has been turned into a teashop and curio-shop. If I have a day off and feel like escaping from the 21st century I love walking down there and getting away from it all.

There is also a new cafe called V's cafe, which is well-decorated, has a rotating cake cabinet and sells bespoke baking accessories. There is a library, two butchers, a health food shop, a corner shop, a Post Office, and even a rather strange clothes shop.

I love the place I live in. It has a completely good feel about it. I feel safe and happy here. Though it is rather sleepy!

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