Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Driving Knitting Egg

Yesterday we drove through to see Hagos's mum in Ayrshire. I have a thing where I like to have easy access to my current projects. So when I'm on the chaise longue at night, watching TV with Meg on my lap, I like to have my laptop, knitting, reading book, notebooks and pen, and a small plate with two pieces of dark salty chocolate within easy reach. Likewise when I travel I put most of the same in my laptop bag. I used to have a similar thing when I toured. My projects would be found stuffed down the side of my bunk bed. I think it's my version of a security blanket.

So, yesterday on the 3 hour round trip, I cast on and started knitting the TV jumper. I LOVE this colour of wool. It's so gorgeous. And much as I like the quick results of chunky knitting (see below) I think my preferred wool weight is 4 ply. It's just so satisfying.
I finally picked up and continued my chunky ribbon jumper again last weekend. I knitted one whole sleeve in two evenings of TV-watching. So quick! Oh, and also cast on the second sleeve, as you can see. This is exactly the same as the jumper I knitted my friend Lynsey a couple of winters ago. And the same as the green version I did for myself a few years ago too. 
When I've finished the whole jumper and sewn it together, I'm planning to dye the whole thing BLUE! I had thought of doing the same to Lynsey's jumper. This white/pink/blue combination isn't my colour scheme at all. But when I finished Lynsey's I didn't have the courage to dye the jumper in case the whole thing felted, which would have left me present-less (I think I made it for her birthday). But, with my own jumper it doesn't matter so much. I think a deep or petrol blue. I'll post the results! Should all be finished in time for WINTER.
And this is a gratuitous shot of an egg. Isn't it a beautiful thing to find first thing in the morning? Perfect in its imperfection. 

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