Monday, December 02, 2013

Into December

So, the beginning of December finds me grumpily finishing off the accounts. Christmas and accounts don't mix. I'm trying to get shot of them at the very beginning of the month, rather than a week before Christmas, which is when I finished them last year. I have a couple of things still to do and I'll post them off on Friday.

In more exciting news: we think Squeaky Cheese laid an egg!
Squeaky Cheese is the very beautiful chick on the right hand side of the photo. There's only one thing to do when such a tiny and precious egg is laid, and that's make Lemon Curd, or Lemon Cheese as some people call it, or Squeaky Lemon Cheese if it's made with an egg from Squeaky Cheese :)
The first sock for my friend is finished and I'm a third of the way through the second. (It isn't sewn up yet.)

I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed by December. Next weekend I have three days off and I'm hoping they're going to be filled with FUN stuff. Chill out stuff. I'm already scaling down what I feel I have to do - knit a present for my colleague who's just had a baby? I could but I'm not going to. That kind of thing. 

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