Monday, December 16, 2013


I made these socks for my friend, Fiona. She liked the socks I knitted her last year so much, and has said so, many times, I just had to knit her another pair.
Of course, no shot is complete without the obligatory cat getting in on the act.
The above toiletries bag is Version 1 that I made for my work Make-it-Yourself Secret Santa. It's a gorgeous wool tweed, lined with waterproof material. The finished version - Version 2 - has a toggle. I sewed the hem of the first one too close to the edge, which meant the material bunched up too much to close properly at the top. So I left a larger hem in Version 2, and it closes beautifully. It was our works night out on Friday so we exchanged gifts then.
My Santa made me these - or, I suspect - painted and glazed them. Very cute.

I'm counting down the days to Friday, or Thursday even. Friday is the last work day for two weeks, but I suspect Thursday will be the last public day. Looking forward to a break at home with my husband and animal friends.

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