Saturday, July 06, 2013

This year's gardening

Tumbling tomatoes - look like they might bear fruit this year. My tomato-growing skills stayed behind in Norfolk when we moved. In the last two years I think I've grown five tomatoes in total. Nothing like the glut I used to get in Norfolk. So I'm watering and feeding them diligently this year. Here's hoping.
I planted these strawberries a couple of years ago and got a few the first year. Since then I let them do what they like. Last year I got a small bowlful from them. I should really take better care of them.
Green and yelloe courgettes. Looking good so far. Home-grown and freshly picked courgettes are far superior to any courgettes I've bought in a shop.
The potatoes LOVE Scotland. 
For the first time ever I planted cabbage and Brussels sprouts.
And French beans.
I took this photo because Meg is in the bush on top of the fence. She'd probably seen a bird.

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