Wednesday, February 06, 2013

February update

I got some postcards printed up by Moo. I've had this done before, and really love the results. Stationery, you know :)
I like the snowy, downward-looking pics, but also, of course, love the animal prints. There are lots more I could/will get done.
But this is my selection for now. 
I have been off work for the past three days with a bug. Thursday and Friday last week were so full on - I felt my immune system breaking under the strain, and then on Sunday morning I woke up with that full body ache. At midday today I felt perky for the first time since it arrived, so I expect I'll go back to work tomorrow. 
I am still reading Great Expectations, very slowly. And I started reading Stephen King, On Writing, which I'm zipping through. It's always heartening to read a rags-to-riches story.
On Saturday Hagos and I bought our seed potatoes from the garden centre. This year we've gone for Casablanca and Pentland Javelin,
Wiljas, Maris Pipers and Blue Danube. We've had them all before except the Blue Danubes. 
And I have finished one Scottish reindeer sock. It's beautiful, although I carried the white wool round the back and it's made the tension in that area a bit tight and so I have to persevere to actually get it over my heel! For the 2nd sock I thought I'd try the intarsia method.

Well, that's me used all my energy again so I might have a lie down. 

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