Saturday, February 23, 2013

En Vacances

I'm on holiday for a week! A whole nine days where I don't have to go to work. I'm looking forward to reading and walking and knitting and sewing and forgetting about work.

This morning Hagos and I went to Whitmuir Organic Farm, as usual, for coffee and cake. I like to take The Review or Country Living magazine with me, but didn't have those today and didn't want to stop off to buy them, so I took Delight by JB Priestley instead, and a knitting book. Hagos took a William Burroughs book. My chocolate cup cake was superb.
The egg to the left is a mega-egg we got from our hens yesterday. I assume it was from Arrow as she has laid similar in the past. We're planning to have it for lunch today. 

One of our hens, Emma, has gone missing. She's been gone for a week and a half now. I've walked around the area at least four times looking under every bush, into every tree and there's no sign of her anywhere. She looked a bit unwell when I let her out on the day she went missing, but she's looked like that before and been fine. All of the hens have their own personality (well, except for Shelley and Maisie, the two whites who seem devoid of character) and I had a soft spot for Emma, though actually I have a soft spot for all of them. The rest of the hens seem fine and are full of vim and vigour as usual. 

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