Sunday, November 25, 2012

Noticing beauty

Life is too busy with work at the moment, to take time to notice many things like this beautiful chilli ripening from green to red. 

I'm hoping it's about to settle down a bit, particularly as I go into December. I have a fair bit of time off work coming up, which I feel more than ready for.

I miss my home, my husband and my little cat when I'm at work. I like being in Edinburgh and a few other things about work, but working full time doesn't suit me or my home life.

Hagos commented today that we don't like when anything intrudes into our weekend routines. And it's true. I think it's because the rest of my time is taken up with stuff I have to do, so I like having the weekend to free-wheel. And also my work has many people in it. And overall I don't like people very much. In general. I much prefer the company of animals. Of course, I do like some people but only in short bursts, apart from Hagos :)

I also think I need to stop eating sugar all together. I've been off caffeine for a week, and I'm sorry to say I feel much better (I LOVE caffeine). I don't think sugar is much better for me. I'll have to pick my moment.

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