Monday, October 03, 2011

Cakes, and a Wedding

JJ and I baked fairy cakes on Friday, and decorated them (as above, and below). He did all the mixing of the cake mix, and requested the raspberries, and directed how the cakes with icing/writing icing should be done. There were 12 cakes altogether, but we had to test one to make sure it was okay, hence why there is no cake with my name on it. Actually, stopping him from eating them all was no mean feat! I had to keep reminding him they were for dessert.
I was really pleased I'd decided to make the cakes rather than buy them pre-made, as I did with the gingerbread men. They tasted delicious. Recipe was from The Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson.
And then, on Saturday, Hagos and I went to Rik and Jenny's wedding, held at Duddingston Kirk in Edinburgh, then onto the reception in a lovely hall in Leith.

We've known Rik for years, met him way back in London while we were touring with Senser. 

It was a really great day, though I started crying as soon as I turned and saw Rik walking into the church! I know he reads my blog so I will restrain the sentimentality, but suffice to say he is such a heartfelt person, and this was reflected in the enthusiastic happiness and genuine joy his friends felt for him on this special day. 

We also bumped into another mutual old friend at the wedding and had good fun swapping a few unrepeatable Rik-tales. Splendid. 

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Anonymous said...

I love the fairy cakes! That looks like a fun cooking project.