Monday, October 31, 2011

Apples on the Bounty (apart from the mittens)

We tried our real cider last week and it was much improved on when we put it into the bottles for its second fermentation, so now we're letting it rest some more before getting stuck in. Above is a little crate of goodies we took round to our neighbours: six bottles of 'Toe Curler' (real cider), a jar of Tomato Relish and a jar of Plum and Apple Jam. All of which has been made from apples off the estate. A good little hamper, I thought. It was fun taking it round. Our neighbours had come over the previous week with Apple Cheese (can you spot the theme?) and Apple and Walnut pudding, which was delicious. We had the pudding after dinner that night. So nice to get an unexpected present.
I love those squat jars. I haven't found an independent baking/cooking supplier in Edinburgh so far. Lakeland is okay for some stuff but heavily over-priced on others. 
I like seeing all the preserves and relishes lined up, ready to be used throughout winter. Next year I hope to be better prepared for canning/preserving.
The relish is a Mrs Beeton's recipe (as is the jam). I like it because it uses very little vinegar and sugar to preserve the fresh ingredients, which include root ginger, chillies, apples, tomatoes and onions. So it remains fresh and delicious.
And finally, the mittens I've made for my friend's birthday tomorrow. I doubt she will look on here before then. I totally love the colours. I wasn't sure when I began, but quickly loved the contrast. They are very vibrant. So much so, that I may un-knit my own green and purple mittens and knit them back up as black and purple. I'm loving this slightly-off black (Rowan Pure Wool 4 ply). 


Sacha said...

Hi Paula / Polly,

Just wanted to leave a quick comment to tell you I love your blog and your style of writing / the versatility of your topics and am so glad you decided not to stop. Found your blog by chance a short while ago and because of reading your recommendation on The Little Stranger I bought it myself - and loved it (even reviewed it on my blog as well). And I now seriously want to start making my own jams and cider and grow my own veg (bit tricky with just a balcony) - and what a pity I don't knit because I seriously like those orange socks you made and those mittens. Oh, and I've obviously read every Meg post there is - twice. She is really one of the cutest cats in the blogging world!

Lynsey Burns said...

Wow, my lovely gloves are famous! They look even better in real life - I'm always proudly telling people my friend knitted them and they never fail to be impressed!
(Looking at your blog today as I'm compiling an offer about Digital Lives and wanted to make the point that blogs can be about reconnecting with things that matter a lot!) Lx