Saturday, February 26, 2011

An unremarkable jumper?

Well, I haven't posted for ages. I've been working full time since November, and at first I took to it with relish, got into it, enjoyed it; but for the last three weeks I've just felt so exhausted. My job is very intense, lots to keep an eye on, no balls can be dropped, absolute deadlines on everything!

And now, I have two and a half weeks off, except for next Friday, and I already feel odd! Getting up on a Saturday morning, knowing I only have two days off before heading back into the fray on Monday is different to getting up on a Saturday morning, after working intensely for four months, and having two and a half weeks stretch out in front of me. It's almost like being back to my old touring days.

Anyway, back to the point. I finished my black double knit Rowan Cashsoft jumper. And, it's the most unimpressed I've ever been with something I've knitted. I'm not sure if it's because of the colour (I don't like knitting black, but I like wearing it and think it suits my colouring and hair), or because the sleeves skim my wrists and I prefer them to be longer (they don't look short, just my preference), or because the neckband took about four attempts to get it to where it is now and I'm still not sure it's right (but no bloody way am I unpicking it again to re-do it), or that from the second I started knitting it the wool attracted every cat hair and piece of fluff as if it were a magnet! 

I haven't worn it out yet so maybe I'll get to like it then. I felt better about it once I'd pressed the neck band. And it is lovely and soft. Hmm. I was hoping to have a new template jumper that I just knit over and over again in different colours, like my TV jumper, but now I'm not sure.

Today we're going to Giraffe in Norwich for breakfast, then we come home, potter about, light the fire, then watch a DVD in the evening, and then later we watch my favourite thing on TV just now, the Danish crime programme The Killing. 

And it's Hagos's birthday on Monday so I will have to make him his favourite Bishop's Cake, and another friend's birthday just after that and I'm planning to make something to send to her too, and my dad's birthday tomorrow.

My head is so busy. I will update more on all that soon.

But for now it's Saturday!  

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affectioknit said...

It really looks nice! I have that book too...but I've not knit anything out of it...yet...