Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking my Mittens for a Walk

I finally finished the second thumb on my mittens on Friday night and was able to wear them out yesterday. I really like them. The white is just Rowan 4-ply, the green is Rowan Cashsoft, left over from one of my TV jumpers. The mittens are very soft.

Our friends from London visited us yesterday. Janie is a musical director and writes and arranges music for theatre. I played parts of The Heart Asks Pleasure First and The Snowman on the piano and she was very impressed. She then went onto the piano and played the songs straight through with no preparation. That's what happens when you can read music! It was great to hear it being played properly.Janie also gave us our Christmas present. This was the make-it-yourself agreement we had. She made the box herself too, and inside was this gorgeous shortbread (most of it eaten before being photographed).

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