Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Good to go away::Good to be home

Hagos and I went to Edinburgh on Friday to stay with our friends Pete and Lynsey and their children, Nate and JJ. Above are the boys opening their Halloween bags I made them, after they'd performed their Halloween entertainment for us. JJ sang "We will rock you" very well. His tuning and timing were amazing. And Nate ran around like the superhero Batman he was dressed as.
On Monday, while Nate was at school and Pete was at work, Hagos, Lynsey, JJ and I went to IKEA for the day. I used to go to Ikea all the time when we lived in London. It was a fun day out. We went round the entire shop and had meatballs for lunch.

On Saturday Lynsey and I went to Loopy Lorna's, a new tea shop in Morningside. It was really lovely: quirky decor, individual knitted tea cosies on every tea pot. I really meant to take photographs, but before we left the house we gave the boys the option of coming to the "very boring tea shop" with us, or staying behind with Pete and Hagos and having "great fun at home". They chose to come to the teashop with us. And we could only get a table for two so we each had a child on our lap, so it wasn't quite the girly, extravagant experience we'd envisaged, though I have to say the boys are really great and JJ and I took a particular shine to each other and were like conjoined twins for the entire four days we were there. He is the sweetest, sweetest, sweetest child and I absolutely adore him.

It's really nice to be home again, and to see Meg. I missed her while we were away.

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