Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pocket Money

I have been very consciously saving money recently. I fritter it away all too easily on stuff. So instead of spending £1.50 a day on mocha, I now make my own coffee. Instead of spending £8 on a book I either get it out of the library or I buy it cheaply from Asda (£3.86) or similar. And I scour the cupboards and fridge for lunch instead of buying it at work. Because I realised that MONEY IS TIME. And the longer I can stretch the money I have the more time it buys me.

But today I decided to give myself £10 pocket money to fritter and above is what I bought. What's Your Story? The Postcard Collection is a collection of short stories, mainly written by well-known writers, with the money going to charity. I love postcards so it's very much my kind of thing. I also wanted to buy a set of three moleskin notebooks. Inspired by SouleMama's Gratitude Wrap I intend spending this evening using up scraps of fabric (therefore cheap and FREE) to make one for myself. I love everything to do with stationery.
I've had a really nice day today. Hagos is away doing some gigs. I woke up missing him and wondered what to do with myself. Saturday is the only day of the week I deliberately try not to achieve anything. It's my one day off. Every other day has work and gym assigned to it, which I enjoy, but sometimes it's good to float. So this morning I met my friend Bev in town for coffee. Then I did a quick bit of shopping then went to my friend Sophie's for lunch. It was really nice to think what I'd like to do today and then do it.

Above is Meg before I left home. Most mornings now she has breakfast and then makes her way through to Hagos's studio to sleep. She's so cute. Below is Meg in my shed during the week. I was working at my desk so I made the chair comfy for her with the rug and with a little reluctance she settled down there. When I came into the house for dinner I soon realised why she seemed a bit off about the very comfy chair - as soon as I left the shed she moved over to my swivel chair. It must be the right size and shape for her because she loves sleeping there!
One thing I realised today. I can't drink coffee anymore. I love it but after my coffee with Bev I felt very spaced out and I was actually shaking. I bumped into a work colleague in the middle of my shakes and told her about it and felt slightly stupid! I'm such a lightweight I can't even drink a cup of coffee!

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