Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It was Thursday night when Hagos and I unearthed our potatoes. I was very excited. It's been years since we lived in a house that grew potatoes.
Janie said to throw away any that were green, but there weren't any, so we got almost the entire pot-full, we only lost three potatoes to worms.

I know all vegetables grow like this, but it somehow impressed me more when we'd grown our own. It was like, WOW! I really wish we'd done tomatoes now too. Next year for sure. The chilli plant is still growing and growing but no sign of any chillies. Most disappointing.
Hagos had this weekend at home, which was incredibly nice. We met our friend Vicky (above) in a newly-renovated Ha Ha's for lunch, then went to Cinema City to see Hellboy II. It's not my usual kind of film, but the other two were keen and Vicky had already seen it the week before. I had very low expectations so it passed pleasantly enough, helped by the comfy seats at CC. Between Ha Ha's and the cinema we had an hour to pass, so went into Waterstones. I settled myself on the couch with The Suspicions of Mr Whicher again, and when it was time to leave went looking for Vicky and found her staring at the Superhero comics! She just can't get enough Superhero action.

Sunday Hagos and I seemed to have a bit of a bug and slept until very late morning, then I went to the gym, and we had roast chicken in the evening. I have more energy today so I intend reviewing and prepping this morning, gym this afternoon. I feel better in myself but I'd really hoped to have lost more weight by now. I lost half a stone and now I've plateaued. I know I just have to keep going but it feels like a long slog sometimes! And I'm so in the mood for a little celebratory party with birthday cake and Champagne. Just have to find something to celebrate!

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Poshyarns said...

Oh gosh, those potatoes look so good. Homegrown potatoes are just magical aren't they?