Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sense, Sensibility, and Selvedge

Prompted by the current TV adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, I started reading the book last week. I think I have a copy in the house somewhere but I got this copy out of the library so I could read in the bath (library books don't mind being read in the bath, whereas personal books do). I'm such a Pride and Prejudice fan I usually resort to reading/watching that if I feel in need of a passionate period drama. But I got to the point today, a hundred or so pages from the end, where I couldn't put it down, and read through breakfast, lunch, and housework (well, less housework was done than usual, due to the reading). I love the slow burn of characters being revealled in Austen's books. And the strength of loyalty and attachment.
At Christmas I was so exhausted from the many demands on my time there came a point where I drew a line under what was and what was not going to get done in the way of presents for people. So, at a more leisurely pace (I've given myself the deadline of next Christmas), I'm finishing off my Christmas shopping. I've long struggled with buying-for-buying's-sake just because it's Christmas. The sheer waste of it all bothers me. So, I try to aim for modest presents that are nice in themselves. Above is a bracelet I made for a presentless person. I bought the pink polished shell squares, and the wire and clasp, and topped it up with some beads from my collection. I love the colour combination and predictably only realised it was purpleandgreen when I was putting it in the bag. My purpleandgreen fixation is as healthy as ever. Notice my hairy arm and scratched hand!
Now that my Jane Austen book is finished, I'm looking forward to getting into the new edition of Selvedge, though I really don't like the cover. The grey and the bald head disturb me.

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