Sunday, January 13, 2008

Amy Butler Patterns

I have so many things I enjoy doing, and really not enough time to do them all in. I've particularly been enjoying reading again recently. I read on the bus, in the bath, and in bed. And I'm racing through books, which feels great. Currently reading The Amber Spyglass. I finished The Subtle Knife in a week. I loved the sections particularly between Will and Lyra.
I bought the above two patterns from Laughing Hens. I've long coveted the Barcelona Skirt pattern, and I've been eyeing up all the Amy Butler bag patterns for ages. I have two lots of material in my stash that I should be able to make two skirts from, and I still have my orange dress to make!
The gorgeous Meg getting in on the act!

I love the weekends. Friday night I mentally let go when I finish work. Saturday Hagos and I go up town and have lunch, read the papers, do a little bit of shopping and visit the library. Sunday I do some housework and then do nice stuff the rest of the day. I wish the weekend was four days long!


Angifreak said...

Ooh! Lucky girl with your Amy Butler goodness. You'll have to post progress reports on your skirt!

They put out an omnibus edition of the Pullman books (unfortunately they weren't anywhere near as popular in the States as they were elsewhere...) and I just finished them myself. All I'm going to tell you is that you need to keep a box of tissues near for the finish.

Any thankfully the worst offending neighbors with their tree art, had the tree taken down!!! OK, it's cookie time round this couch.

Muskat said...

Great books, I think I have to put them on my wishing list. Looking forward to see what you are going to create, inspired of the books. And Meg looks great too, as always. ;o)