Friday, April 10, 2015

The YELLOW jumper

I didn't quite appreciate, while knitting this jumper, just how YELLOW it was. I suppose all the other TV jumpers I've knitted have had some relief in them - mohair stripes, or blocks of different colours. But this is. Just. Yellow. [ Rowan, pure wool, 4-ply.]

I have since come to a dead end with knitting. I've fallen out of love with Rowan wool (and long fallen out of love with Rowan patterns). They don't have enough basic 4-ply or DK. And they are altogether too pricey. I don't want to knit a pure wool jumper for the same price as I can buy one! So I've been looking around for other wool and designers. I'm in the mood for cables or texture, and really want to try a small-scale crochet.  

I really miss knitting in the evening though. I feel a restlessness when I'm watching TV and my hands are idle. It feels like wasted time when I could be producing something.

I'm on holiday from work for a week. My only agenda: to spend time at home, with my husband and cat, to read, to sew, to knit, to walk, to sleep. 

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