Friday, January 02, 2015


I wanted a holiday from the world over Christmas/New Year, and apart from partaking in Christmas Day familial celebrations that's what I've had.
I've had the best part of three weeks off work, and it was much-needed and SO good. Good to turn off the work chatter and remember who I am. And good to POTTER, and let the days drift.

I knitted a few Christmas baubles. They're addictive and satisfying.
We spent a few hours over New Year's Eve with our friends at their house. I was the designated driver, so we left around half past midnight. I had a mouthful of prosecco as we watched the Edinburgh fireworks from the upper window.
I had thought I might DO lots of things while I was off, but actually I rambled from one interest to the next: I rediscovered playing the piano and it hasn't taken me long to get back into it. It's so beautiful and meditative and my coordination is excellent.

I have been reading, and sleeping and walking every day; hanging out with the chickens, cuddling Meg at the kitchen table in the morning as I drink coffee; hanging out with Hagos, which has been really great; and SEWING.
This is me hand finishing my Turkey feathers skirt. Meg decided she'd had enough neglect and sat on the skirt in protest. She knows exactly what she's doing.
I have cut out the linings of the three other skirts and hope to finish one or two more by Sunday. I am determined to sew and knit my way through my projects until they are all done. No more wool or material buying until then. It will take me a while! 

A few moments after this photo I grabbed Meg and we went through to snuggle on our chaise longue. She is too adorable.

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