Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mittens and Ombre Hair

So I'm a bit further along with my mittens, though progress has been slow. I think I'm not in the mood for two-strand knitting; a TV jumper is more where my brain is at. Anyway, they're nearly finished, just a tussle with the thumbs left and that'll be it.

I feel a bit like a duck at the moment, or is it a swan? Lots of legwork under the water but not much visible on the surface.

I've been thinking of dyeing my hair back to chocolate-brown recently, and then came across the ombre hairstyle! I love it. So am now trying to figure out how to get my growing-out highlights into an ombre. I think I might have to dye the top of my head and somehow try to leave the highlights in the bottom of my hair. Hm. I particularly like Sarah Jessica Parker's photo. 

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Farmgirl Susan said...

Your mittens are gorgeous! And they look so wonderfully cozy, too. :)