Friday, March 18, 2011

Meringues and thoughts

I've been thinking lately of stopping this blog. Or maybe starting a new one. I don't know.

Anyway, in the meantime it was my turn at the Shake 'n' Bake today (about twelve colleagues we each take it in turn to bake on a Friday). I made the above meringues, an absolute favourite of mine; and I also made another newer favourite, Triple Chocolate Cookies. I didn't take any photos, but they were absolutely delicious. They have a chewy, fudgey, brownie-type quality to them.

And tonight: Meg and I are watching Star Trek Voyager in front of the fire, with a hot water bottle and blankets.


Susan said...

I've had similar thoughts lately about my blog. I don't get a lot of readers, and sometimes I wonder why I'm doing it.

I read your blog whenever you post. If you do decide to move or start-up a new one, let me know, will you?

Those meringues look scrumptious! Would you consider sharing recipe?

Tonight I plan on doing a bit of knitting and tucking up with a good book.

Polly said...

Hi Susan - the recipe is basically one whisked egg white to 60 grammes of caster sugar. So multiply these amounts depending on how many meringues you want to end up with. I use golden caster sugar to give it more of a caramelly taste. I whisk the egg whites first, then add the caster sugar gradually. I whisk it all in, though some recipes say you should fold the second half of the sugar in. I whisk it till it keeps its shape. Then I just use a dessert spoon to blob it onto baking parchment on a baking tray. My oven takes 50 minutes at 140 degrees. I got the recipt from Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer, Jane Brocket's book, which I'd highly recommend. Then I melt chocolate in a bowl over simmering water in a pan, and dip the bottoms into the choc, then sit upside down to cool. I put them in the fridge to make the choc set more quickly. Then just sandwich together with whisked cream and raspberries. They really are divine. I had three yesterday! without meaning to.

Polly said...

p.s. I meant to say, about stopping this blog - I know a few people read it, and my friends read it too, it's more that I feel it's become unfocused and it's maybe time for a new start, or a break, but I'll let you know, thanks!

Susan said...

I will definitely look for the recipe in Jane Brocket's book, although your directions sound easy enough--thank you! (I have Jane's other book, _Domesticity_, which I love to look at.)