Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Gardening Update

It's been an extremely busy month, begining with my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary, through to having our friends and godsons here for a week, then it was my birthday, building up to Hagos going on tour again. I'm only just getting caught up with everything.

I'm in the middle of four days off, at home, by myself. After the intensity of the month I felt very odd on Saturday morning, waking up with no plans, no social engagements. So I've been doing what I love doing most - pottering.

Hagos bought me a mini-greenhouse for my birthday and I couldn't wait to put things in it. For the first time ever I bought PEAS and LETTUCE! I'm very excited about the peas. And even though Ba is kindly giving me the exess tomatoes she's grown from seed I couldn't resist buying the same tumbler tomatoes I bought from the garden centre last year.
Tumbler tomatoes
First earlies: Swifts
Chilli plants: Cherry Bomb and Ring of Fire

My other chilli seeds didn't germinate. So I've sown more and am trying again. I find vegetable gardening extremely exciting. It's the first thing I do every morning - go outside to check all my plants. I have a lot more plants than I did last year so I hope I can keep up with them all.

More, non-gardening, updates to follow. 

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Chilli-Alex said...

Shame that not all of your chillies germinated :-(