Sunday, November 22, 2009


I finished one beady bed sock. I really like it, but it took me much longer to knit than I expected. When I bought the wool I chose the colours because I liked them for myself, but I also had half a mind on a friend who might like them too. So, depending on my other knitting and sewing commitments, I may or may not give them as part of a Christmas present to a friend. It's a shame they don't knock up much more quickly because otherwise they could be my thing to make and give this year! 

The colour in the top photo is truer, but I like this close-up shot.

Meg and I are very happy that Hagos is home. I picked him up from the airport on Friday morning, dropped him at home, then went back to work. It was very hard going back to work, but I know from loooonnnng experience that the first day back off tour is given over to decompressing: vagueness, distractedness, sleeping, bewilderment, so I was better off at work letting him go through all that himself. We had a lovely Saturday of going up town, having lunch in one of our favourite cafe-bars, then home to light a fire and potter around it all day. Bliss.


melissa said...

love those socks! wow. it seems really tricky to me, to add beading to knitting. and the colour of them is divine!

Angifreak said...

Those socks are gorgeous! I love the beads -- the colour combination is really nice. (You should keep them). :)