Sunday, December 02, 2007

Red and White

These are my finished mittens from the Folk Mittens book. I absolutely love them. The red is RYC Cashsoft 4-ply, the white is Jaeger 4-ply. I think using two different types of yarns caused a little bit of tension between them. They've turned out okay but not as even as my Scandinavian mittens, where I used Jaeger 4-ply for both colours. The RYC Cashsoft has less elasticity than the Jaeger. I think I'm going to give them to Hagos's mum, Bette, for her Christmas. She's knitted loads of things for me and Hagos over the years. I must photograph her garish (deliberately) Kaffe Fassett waistcoat she gave me a few Christmases ago. Kaffe Fassett knitting is already OTT, but Kaffe Fassett interpreted by Bette Haggarty is off the scale!
The Make-it-Yourself Secret Santa present I made for Anna. I'd been obsessed by placemats and coasters since I got the Bend-the-Rules book in the summer. And when I saw the John Lewis Christmas material I couldn't resist. It's different on both sides so she can choose if she's in more of a red mood or a white mood. Beautifully modelled using my own table, cutlery and glassware.
I got a really sweet email from Anna saying she really liked it (it was obvious who'd made it), which makes making things worthwhile. Altogether I used a metre of fabric and some medium interfacing. I had expected to get four placemats and four coasters out of the fabric, but eventually I decided to make two generous-sized placemats and four coasters instead, so they can be special Anna-and-Chris placemats. I was off the day the presents were opened so I have no idea what anyone else got or what I have.
I finally caved in and bought The Gentle Art of Domesticity. And just to prove how domestic I am, my mittens just happened to be beside the book when I took the photo.
I saw this photo on someone else's blog. It's from a kntting magazine, I think from Germany. I SO want this dress. Actually I want the whole look, the wellingtons too.

I seem to have been in a red and white mood lately, looking at all the photos in this post. Except, of course, there's always a bit of ginger in whatever I do. Hagos is in France this week with MF and Meg always becomes more clingy when he's away. Maybe she's worried I'll go away too. This is her playing in her box.

Action cat!

And finally, a gratuitous photo of decaf mocha, which I enjoyed yesterday while listening to a children's brass band playing outside the library in Norwich. They were so out of tune and out of time it was fantastic.
I was straining and willing them to keep time and hit the right notes.
Well, that's all for now. I don't feel very effusive. Will hopefully feel happier when Hagos comes home.


Mo said...

Hi - went to a christmas fayre yesterday with norwegian products saw mittens of these type and thought of you.I bought some very discounted rowan ribbon twist wool from cucumber patch quite excited i'm going to knit a chunky long cardigan I bought the pattern book last year but couldn't afford to knit it then. xxx mo x

Anonymous said...

Those mittens are gorgeous. Kay xx

Angifreak said...

P - the mittens are gorgeous! And the secret santa gift is lovely, too. I haven't heard of the book you just bought, but I'm headed to Amazon to investigate as soon as I post this.

My little tinsel tree is slowly getting some flare, however I've managed to lose an entire box of ornaments. Have you seen these:

Check out the knitted things they sell, too -- it's one of my favorite (overpriced) stores.

a xx

Angifreak said...

Oh, one more thing... the dress that you found on another blog is in the current "Rebecca" magazine. If you can't find it in the UK let me know -- I can send you a cheeky copy of the pattern. You can order it online here:

I stupidly bought a couple of these in Germany and now need someone to translate for me. Sigh.

ange xx